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The affordable NmCV-5 vaccine is a step up from existing options that could contribute to WHO’s goal to defeat the epidemic by 2030.

Meningitis vaccine comes to the forefront with impressive study results - Pharmaceutical Technology

Successful trials in Africa of NmCV-5 vaccine open the door to affordable treatment for disease that kills 250,000 people a year

‘A gamechanger’: new meningitis vaccine hailed as major step | Global development | The Guardian

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University of Maryland School of Medicine on Twitter: "Exciting news! @UMmedschool @CVDatUMB Professors Sow & Tapia's trial in Mali & Gambia shows promising results for a new meningococcal conjugate vaccine in Africa's meningitis belt. This vaccine could prevent epidemic meningitis. Now in @NEJM: https://t.co/Ej5AH3ROBd https://t.co/Hows58ptj3" / Twitter

Beate Kampmann on Twitter: "check our paper from @mrcunitgambia and colleagues in the NEJM today: shows that there is now an affordable poly-valent effective meningococcal vaccine for the meningitis belt. Congrats @AmaUmesi @drwariri, great leadership Dr Ed Clarke @LSHTM_Vaccines https://t.co/ceYHLNvI5o" / Twitter

Amesh Adalja on Twitter: "“At least 60% of deaths occur in Africa, particularly along the ‘meningitis belt’, which stretches from the Gambia and Senegal in the west to Ethiopia in the east.” https://t.co/XBjhoEKeUs" / Twitter

Amesh Adalja on Twitter: "“On the basis of these trial data, NmCV-5 may emerge as a tool to support meningococcal disease control, particularly across the meningitis belt of sub-Saharan Africa, and thus may contribute to epidemic elimination” https://t.co/3wBB6oRL0O" / Twitter

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