Astronomers confirmed the longest-known tail of superheated gas behind a galaxy group  Tech ExploristDeath plunge of galaxies and the longest known tail revealed by NASA  HT TechGalaxies Go on a Deep Dive and Leave Fiery Tail Behind  NASAGalaxies dive into more galaxies leaving 1.5M light years long tail - the longest ever  AL.comView Full coverage on Google News
Climate change could cause disease to 76.8 percent of corals by 2100: study  XinhuaNo 'silver bullet' to coral death by disease  Illawarra MercuryClimate change could cause disease to 76.8% of corals by 2100  OTV NewsView Full coverage on Google News
Scientists develop inorganic resins for generating and purifying radium and actinium  Science XNew strategy can harvest chemical information on rare isotopes with a fraction of the material  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Siberia's 'gateway to the underworld' megaslump is revealing 650000 year-old secrets from its permafrost'Gateway to underworld': Siberia's megaslump hides 6,50000 years old secrets  India TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Scientists think they may have cracked life support for Martian occupation  The RegisterArtificial Photosynthesis Could Be The Secret to Colonising Space  ScienceAlertSpace colonies: how artificial photosynthesis may be key to sustained life beyond Earth  The ConversationView Full coverage on Google News
Brightest supernova in a decade can be observed from home: Museum  Focus TaiwanView Full coverage on Google News
Russia is Set to Head Back to the Moon in August  PayloadRussia delays launch of Luna 25 moon lander until August  Space.comView Full coverage on Google News
China Focus: China's telescope makes new finding on super massive first generation star  XinhuaA metal-poor star with abundances from a pair-instability supernova  Nature.comStrange star holds 'holy grail' clues about unique supernova explosions in the early universe  Space.comResearchers discover chemical evidence for pair-instability supernova from a very massive first star  Phys.orgStellar Archaeology: Chemical Clues Reveal Supernova Secrets From Universe's First Massive Stars  SciTechDailyView Full coverage on Google News
Researchers unlock the secrets of cell plasticity  Tech ExploristStudy reveals intricate pathway that dictates the cell's ability to be resilient and plastic  News-Medical.NetStudy uncovers new clues about the process of cell plasticity  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Hunting Ripples in Space-Time: LIGO's Newest Observation Run Aims to Transform Gravitational Wave Detection  Transcontinental TimesLIGO project begins new gravitational wave hunt  Space.comPeering into Cosmic Shadows: BlackGEM Telescopes Join the Hunt for Gravitational Waves  SciTechDailyView Full coverage on Google News
Pigmented Rice Enhancements Could Help To Combat Malnutrition  Technology NetworksGenomic Innovation in Rice: Transforming Black, Brown, and Red Varieties With CRISPR  SciTechDailyView Full coverage on Google News
Endophytic fungi Penicillium verhagenii: an exploration of its anticancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and larvicidal activity  News-Medical.NetExploring the antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer, biocompatibility, and larvicidal activities of selenium nanoparticles fabricated by endophytic fungal strain Penicillium verhagenii | Scientific Reports  Nature.comView Full coverage on Google News
Gravitational lensing method reveals accurate mass of a galaxy hosting a quasar  Open Access GovernmentUsing gravitational lensing to measure mass of a quasar's galaxy with precision  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Navigating quantum computing in the NISQ era  Innovation News NetworkQuantum computers are better at guessing, new study demonstrates  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Carbon stored by fungi in soil could be essential to reach net-zero  DevdiscourseVast Networks of Fungi May Hold Key to Climate Fight  BloombergFungi stores a third of carbon from fossil fuel emissions and could be essential to reaching net zero, new study reveals  EurekAlertUnderground fungi absorb up to a third of our fossil fuel emissions  New ScientistFungi may offer ‘jaw-dropping’ solution to climate change  The HillView Full coverage on Google News
NASA and SpaceX now targeting Monday for launch  Dunya NewsView Full coverage on Google News
Gas giants found to be rare in orbits around small red dwarf stars  News9 LIVECould you stand on the surface of Jupiter? Exploring the enigmatic outer planets  Big ThinkView Full coverage on Google News
Red Planet 'too dangerous' for humans to survive on  Daily MailMars Declared Unsafe for Long-Term Human Habitation  TechstoryMars declared unsafe for humans to live as no one can survive for longer than four years  UNILADView Full coverage on Google News
Engineers test nimble gimbal on NASA’s next Moon rover  DevdiscourseEngineers Test VIPER's Very Nimble Gimbal  NASAView Full coverage on Google News
Scientists Experimenting With Actual Tractor Beam to Clean Up Space Junk  FuturismOne Of Sci-Fi's Coolest Pieces Of Technology Is Becoming A Reality  Giant Freakin RobotScientists use "tractor beam" technology to clean up space debris  World Time TodaysSpace tractor beams may not be the stuff of sci-fi for long  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Atmospheric paradox: Earth warms, upper atmosphere cools  Innovation OriginsThe Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns  WIREDView Full coverage on Google News
Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy Spotted Just 480 Million Years after Big Bang  Sci.NewsThe Earliest Quiescent – Researchers Reveal Traits of Ancient Galaxy 25 Billion Light-Years Away  SciTechDailyEarly universe galaxy seen by James Webb Telescope  E&T MagazineWebb space telescope discovers faintest galaxy in the early universe  Interesting EngineeringAstrophysicists confirm the faintest galaxy ever seen in the early universe  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Scientists have been baffled by this 2,000-year-old 'computer' since it was discovered 120 years ago  BGRScientists baffled by discovery of '2000-year-old computer'  indy100Discovery of '2000-year-old computer' leaves scientists baffled  indy100View Full coverage on Google News
New Study Opens the Door for “Hundreds of Millions” of Habitable Exoplanets  InverseView Full coverage on Google News
Stephen Hawking's theory could mean the entire universe will evaporate  Business InsiderStephen Hawking's most famous prediction could mean that everything in the universe is doomed to evaporate, new study says  Livescience.comEverything in the Universe Is Doomed To Evaporate – Hawking's Radiation Theory Isn't Limited to Black Holes  SciTechDailyHawking was right: All large objects will eventually evaporate  Interesting EngineeringThe universe is evaporating right in front of our eyes, finds major new study  indy100View Full coverage on Google News
Mysterious cosmic threads are reaching out from the Milky Way's monster black hole  Space.comAstronomers Discover Hundreds of Mysterious 'Structures' at the Center of Our Galaxy  VICEMilky Way's center found to be strung with more mysterious filaments  New AtlasMysterious dashes revealed in Milky Way's center  Northwestern Now'Mysterious dashes' look like Morse code at the center of the Milky Way  Study FindsView Full coverage on Google News
Resolving a Mathematical Puzzle in Quarks and Gluons in Nuclear Matter  NewswiseAnalysis of lightweight nuclei from gold ion collisions offers insight into primordial matter phase changes  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Ancient viruses found in coral symbionts' DNA  NewswiseEndogenous viral elements reveal associations between a non-retroviral RNA virus and symbiotic dinoflagellate genomes | Communications Biology  Nature.comAncient viruses discovered in coral symbionts' DNA | Rice News | News and Media Relations | Rice University  Rice NewsExperts find remnants of ancient RNA viruses embedded inside reef-building corals  News-Medical.NetAncient viruses discovered in coral symbionts' DNA  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
People will be able to see Venus in the night sky this weekend  KCRG-TV9: Your Trusted Local News SourceWhy Venus Is So Bright Right Now  Scientific AmericanWhy Venus is so bright this weekend  WCCO - CBS MinnesotaVenus is visible this weekend in the night sky  Denver7Look up: Venus will be visible and bright in the night sky this weekend  WDIV ClickOnDetroitView Full coverage on Google News
Faintest galaxy yet from early universe spotted by James Webb Space Telescope  Fox Weather View Full coverage on Google News
James Webb Space Telescope finds water in super-hot exoplanet's atmosphere  Space.comThis Super-Hot Exoplanet Is Even Stranger Than We Thought  InverseExoplanet Discovery Alert: Webb Space Telescope Finds Water in Ultra-Hot Alien World  SciTechDailyJWST Scans an Ultra-Hot Jupiter's Atmosphere  Universe TodayNIRISS instrument on Webb maps an ultra-hot Jupiter-like exoplanet's atmosphere  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Illuminating Science: X-Rays Visualize How One of Nature's Strongest Bonds Breaks  SciTechDailyX-rays visualize how one of nature's strongest bonds breaks  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Tiny quantum electronic vortexes in superconductors can circulate in ways not seen before  NanowerkNew study explains interaction between quantized vortices and normal fluids  Phys.orgSuperconducting vortices carrying a temperature-dependent fraction of the flux quantum  ScienceTiny quantum electronic vortexes can circulate in superconductors in ways not seen before  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
NASA's GUARDIAN: Innovative GPS-Based Tsunami Detection System  SciTechDailyView Full coverage on Google News
Resupply Mission To Complete Space Station Solar Power Upgrade  Aviation WeekJune 2023 – Space Station  NASA BlogsSpace Force: Poor weather for weekend SpaceX cargo launch to International Space Station  Florida TodayMoonlighter, the World's First Hacking Test Bed in Space  ISS National LabNASA Sets Coverage for Next SpaceX Resupply Launch to Space Station  NASAView Full coverage on Google News
These New Computer Simulations of the Sun are Hypnotic  Universe TodaySupercomputer simulations provide a better picture of the sun's magnetic field  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Primate Genome Sequencing Unlocks Evolution, Biodiversity & Health Benefits  NewswiseWhat makes us human? Primate genome study offers some clues  ReutersBiggest ever study of primate genomes has surprises for humanity  Nature.comResearchers show mobile elements monkeying around the genome  Phys.orgHundreds of new primate genomes offer window into human health—and our past  ScienceView Full coverage on Google News
Cryo-electron microscopy sheds light on key step in replication of SARS-CoV-2  The Science BoardThe immunopathology of post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection: highlighting the knowledge gaps  News-Medical.NetMother-to-child transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection in high-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective observational studies | Scientific Reports  Nature.comEssential process for SARS-CoV-2 viral replication visualized  Phys.orgAryl hydrocarbon receptor is a proviral host factor and a candidate pan-SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic target  ScienceView Full coverage on Google News
Color-changing materials hold promise for diverse scenarios in medical cold supply chains  News-Medical.NetNanoparticles give rise to a color-changing material that can revolutionize cold storage  Interesting EngineeringView Full coverage on Google News
How to watch the first ESA Mars Express “live” stream  The VergeYou Can Watch The First-Ever Live Stream From Mars This Week  IFLScienceESA - Tune in for first Mars livestream  European Space AgencyTune in for first-ever Mars live stream  European Space AgencyView Full coverage on Google News
There's a New Supernova in a Familiar Galaxy. You Can See it in a Small Telescope  Universe TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Neanderthal and human fire-making methods suggest different origins, shared intelligence  Phys.orgWho First Invented Fire, And How Did They Do It?  IFLScienceView Full coverage on Google News
Monster black hole burps out hot gas in bright 'H' shape (photos)  Space.comScientists discover black hole shooting X-ray jet 60000 times hotter than sun  WIONHungry black hole shoots out bright X-ray jet 60000 times hotter than the sun  Space.comView Full coverage on Google News
NASA researchers detect tsunamis by their rumble in the atmosphere  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Desert ants build mounds of sand to help find a way home  ScienceDesert ants build landmarks to help them find their way home  New ScientistThese ants build tall nest hills to help show the way home  Science News MagazineDesert ants increase the visibility of their nest entrances in the absence of landmarks  Phys.orgAnts build their own landmarks to guide them home  The TimesView Full coverage on Google News
Artificial Intelligence System Predicts Consequences of Gene Modifications  PR NewswireMachine-learning model makes predictions about network biology  Nature.comAI identifies gene interactions to speed up search for treatment targets  Nature.comTransfer learning enables predictions in network biology  Nature.comView Full coverage on Google News
This is the first X-ray taken of a single atom  Ars TechnicaScientists X-ray a Single Atom for the First Time  InverseWorld's First X-Ray of a Single Atom Reveals Chemistry on The Smallest Level  ScienceAlertCharacterization of just one atom using synchrotron X-rays  Nature.comScientists' report world's first X-ray of a single atom  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
One spacecraft could visit all of Saturn's inner large moons  Phys.orgAliens Could Reveal Their Location by Packing 24 Planets Into One Orbit  InverseOne Spacecraft Could Visit All of Saturn's Inner Large Moons  Universe TodayView Full coverage on Google News
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