1. At Risk for Alzheimer's? Exercise Might Help Keep It at Bay  HealthDay
  2. Walking 8,900 steps a day could lower risk of Alzheimer’s, researchers claim  The Independent
  3. Walking 8,900 steps a day protects against Alzheimer’s and preserves brain power, study claims  The Sun
  4. Walking 9,000 steps a day could protect against Alzheimer´s, study suggests  Daily Mail
  5. Exercise prevents brain damage and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease: JAMA  Specialty Medical Dialogues
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  1. Menstrual Cups Market, Size, Share And Forecasts to 2019 - 2025| QYR |  Medgadget
  2. Menstrual cups: how to use one, plus all your questions answered  cosmopolitan.com
  3. Menstrual Cups Are Safe, But Questions Remain About 'Toxic Shock' Risk, Review Finds  Live Science
  4. Menstrual cups are as leakproof as tampons, says new research  Metro.co.uk
  5. Menstrual cups are as safe and effective as other sanitary products, report finds  Telegraph.co.uk
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'Cancer saved my life after I lost 9 stone and found the man of my dreams'  Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: Becki Nock shares her inspiring story of how her toughest ordeal turned her life around for the better.

'Well, that was a weird moment': Unusual acts by loved one may signal dementia  Wicked Local Fall River

Here are some things to look for, and actions you can take:

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Rabies Alert Issued at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Over Feral Cat  Comicbook.com

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County issued a 60-day rabies alert after a feral cat in the area of Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park tested ...

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  1. How to survive the fake news about cancer  The Guardian
  2. Drinking A Small Glass Of Juice Or Soda Linked To Increased Risk Of Cancer  HotNewHipHop
  3. New report links sugary drinks to cancer  Good Morning America
  4. Fruit juice may raise cancer risk, study finds. Here's why.  Big Think
  5. Soft drinks cancer risk: How do soft drinks increase cancer risk?  Express
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  1. West Nile in Arizona: Man shares partner's health fight to educate others  ABC15 Arizona
  2. Imperial County Man Is Likely California’s 1st West Nile Virus Fatality of 2019  KTLA Los Angeles
  3. Imperial County man is likely the state’s first West Nile virus fatality of the year  Los Angeles Times
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  1. Stray cat prompts rabies alert near Disney World's Epcot theme park  KoamNewsNow.com
  2. Disney World deadly rabies alert as visitors are warned to seek urgent help if bitten or scratched by animals  The Sun
  3. Rabies warning issued near Disney's Epcot theme park after employees scratched by feral cat  CNBC
  4. Rabies Alert Issued Near Walt Disney World's Epcot After Feral Cat Tests Positive For the Disease  Gizmodo
  5. Rabid cat triggers 2-month rabies alert near Disney World  New York Daily News
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  1. Combination of targeted therapies work in patients with bowel cancer  Medibulletin
  2. 3-drug Combo Improves Survival Period for Bowel Cancer Patients  News18
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  1. Self-Qualify Your Measles Immunity Online  Vax Before Travel
  2. One in three French citizens thinks vaccines are unsafe. The government is trying to change that  Scroll.in
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  1. Scientists Map out the Entire Neural Wiring of an Animal's Nervous System  Interesting Engineering
  2. First complete wiring diagram of an animal's nervous system  Phys.org
  3. Worm Wiring Diagram May Help Us Understand Our Own Nervous System  Scientific American
  4. The wiring of worms revealed  Cosmos
  5. Stored in Synapses: How Scientists Completed a Map of the Roundworm’s Brain  The New York Times
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  1. Antidepressant use linked with reduced risk of death for people with diabetes  Diabetes.co.uk
  2. Diabetes: Some antidepressants reduce death risk  Medical News Today
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  1. Hay fever remedies to help your symptoms this summer  Metro.co.uk
  2. Hay fever hell as pollen explosion continues to cause misery – and it could be deadly for asthma sufferers  The Sun
  3. Your seasonal guide to asthma triggers  9Coach
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Patients lives are being put at risk by sepsis delays, figures suggest  The Telegraph

Patients' lives are being put at risk with one in four of those with suspected sepsis forced to wait too long for treatment, an investigation has found.

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  1. Very low levels of 'bad' cholesterol may raise stroke risk  Medical News Today
  2. Low Levels of 'Bad' Cholesterol May Have a Downside  Live Science
  3. Cholesterol that is too low may boost risk for hemorrhagic stroke  Medical Xpress
  4. Cholesterol levels below 50 can RAISE stroke risk by up to 170%  Daily Mail
  5. Know Why Your Cholesterol Is High: Best Foods, Lifestyle Tips For Cholesterol By Our Expert  NDTV News
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Research identifies new gene linked to schizophrenia  PanARMENIAN.Net

A collaboration between Australian and Indian scientists has identified a common gene shared by sufferers of schizophrenia.

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  1. Africa: Why So Many African Women Die of Cervical Cancer  AllAfrica - Top Africa News
  2. Updated HPV Vaccine Recommendations Follow Big HPV Infection Drops Shown In New Study  Forbes
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Mexican papayas linked to salmonella outbreak  Fruitnet

US consumers are being warned not to eat *fresh* papayas imported from Mexico following an outbreak of salmonella. On 28 June, the Centers of Disease ...

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