1. Malaysians' goodbye to Beetle  The Star Online
  2. Saying goodbye to a childhood friend ? the VW Beetle - Autoblog  Autoblog
  3. End of the 'Beetle' Legacy | Volkswagen Launches Final Edition of Iconic Car  News18 Digital
  4. Buggin’ out: Last ever Volkswagen Beetle rolls off Mexican production line  RT
  5. VW Says Goodbye to Beetle to Make Room for New SUV  BloombergQuint
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  1. My Parents Were Anti-Vaxxers, So I Never Got My Shots  Refinery29
  2. 'Worry is contagious': the vaccine-hesitant parents putting children at risk  The Guardian
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  1. Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Internet, Video Game Addiction  MD Magazine
  2. Addicted to internet? Behavioral therapy could work, researchers...  Citizen TV
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  1. Dad contracts flesh-eating bacteria and dies 48 hours after swimming in sea at beach  The Sun
  2. 'Within 48 hours he was gone:' Tennessee man dies from flesh-eating bacteria in Gulf waters  ActionNewsJax.com
  3. 'Within 48 hours he was gone:' man dies from flesh-eating bacteria in Gulf waters  Boston 25 News
  4. Daughter recounts how flesh-eating bacteria took father's life within 48-hours  San Antonio Express-News
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  1. Scientists unveil the first-ever image of quantum entanglement  Phys.org
  2. Scientists Unveil First Ever Image Of Quantum Entanglement  UNILAD
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Mageean clocks NI record as Hassan smashes mile world record  Echo Live

Scintillating, thrilling and full of potential - Ciara Mageean has moved considerably closer to Sonia O'Sullivan's long-standing Irish women's mile record by ...

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Full Monaco Recap: Justin Gatlin Defeats Noah Lyles, Ajee' Wilson Wins, Cheruiyot Over Ingebrigtsen, McLaughlin WL  LetsRun.com

By LetsRun.com. July 12, 2019. The 2019 Herculis Diamond League meeting in Monaco lived up to the hype. The highlight was Sifan Hassan's world record in ...

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  1. Queen’s Live Aid Performance: How Rock’s Royalty Stole The Show  uDiscover Music
  2. Queen Star Freddie Mercury's Stunning Photo With His Iconic 'Yellow Jacket' Revealed  Metalheadzone
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  1. The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan Official PC Requirements, requires 80GB of free hard-disk space  DSOGaming
  2. 7 Things To Know About Man of Medan Multiplayer Gameplay - SHARED STORY AND MOVIE NIGHT EXPLAINED!  Eurogamer
  3. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan multiplayer adds new dimension of tension  Mirror Online
  4. Man of Medan, Supermassive’s First Horror Game in The Dark Pictures Anthology Franchise, Gets System Requirements  Wccftech
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  1. Partial lunar eclipse will be visible from Cyprus on July 16  Cyprus Mail
  2. Thunder Moon to pass through Earth's shadow on Tuesday during partial lunar eclipse  AccuWeather.com
  3. Partial Lunar eclipse occurring on 16 and 17 July will be visible from India  Firstpost
  4. Partial lunar eclipse to be visible in Taiwan...  Taiwan News
  5. Man on the Moon  Reuters.com
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  1. Truth Initiative request sees smoking removed from Gears 5  GamesIndustry.biz
  2. Gears 5 goes smoke free  Eurogamer.net
  3. Gears 5 Eliminating Smoking Due to Anti-Tobacco Org's Concerns  Screen Rant
  4. Gears 5 Won't Have Any Smoking After Speaking With Anti-Tobacco Group - IGN  IGN
  5. Gears of War 5 cuts all references to smoking and tobacco  PC Gamer
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'Dota Underlords' beta tests its first battle pass  Engadget

In another sign of gaming trends folding in on each other, Valve's own 'Auto Chess' spin-off of Dota 2 is testing out a battle pass. The still-in-beta Dota Unde...

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  1. Imaging Bell-type nonlocal behavior  Science Advances
  2. Scientists Just Unveiled The First-Ever Photo of Quantum Entanglement  ScienceAlert
  3. First photo of Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance' phenomenon captured  Metro.co.uk
  4. Scientists unveil image of quantum entanglement for the first time ever  Engadget
  5. Literally rings our bell: Scotch eggheads take first-ever snap of quantum entanglement  The Register
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  1. Ethiopian Israeli musicians use stage to promote struggles  New Delhi Times
  2. Ethiopian rappers challenging Israel police through song  Africanews English
  3. Ethiopian-Israeli musicians use stage to promote struggles  The Times of Israel
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  1. Investors to foot the bill for Thomas Cook rescue  The Times
  2. Can Thomas Cook find a path through its perfect storm of woes?  The Guardian
  3. Fosun adventure with Thomas Cook not a sure-fire success  Financial Times
  4. Asia’s Berkshire Hathaway Lacks Buffett’s Touch  Bloomberg
  5. Thomas Cook Plans $940 Million Rescue With Fosun as Breakup Looms  Skift
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Sudan's desert nomads untouched by Bashir's downfall  Arab News

EL MOLIH: Not far from Sudan's capital Khartoum, the epicenter of an uprising that toppled autocratic ruler Omar Al-Bashir, dozens of camel traders are oblivious ...

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  1. Lyme Disease Isn't The Only Tick Borne Illness You Need to Worry About  ScienceAlert
  2. ‘Clone tick' that can reproduce on its own has drained blood from livestock, threatens humans  FOX 10 News Phoenix
  3. Self-cloning super ticks are coming to suck out all our blood  New York Post
  4. Self-cloning ticks that suck animals’ blood dry spark concern humans may be next  New York Daily News
  5. 'Clone tick' swarms, new to U.S., are killing cattle by draining their blood, chasing after humans  OregonLive
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  1. Portland Sea Dogs recognize young boy as hero  NEWS CENTER Maine
  2. Maine astronaut throws out first pitch at Sea Dogs game  WGME
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  1. Why is Everyone Still Obsessed with the Idea of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Getting Back Together?  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  2. Truth About Jennifer Aniston Helping Matthew Perry Get Healthy  Gossip Cop
  3. Jennifer Aniston's feelings about love and marriage after Brad Pitt split  Mirror Online
  4. Photos of Jennifer Aniston Kissing Might Mean A New Boyfriend for Jen  STYLECASTER
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  1. Amazon’s music service is actually growing more quickly than Spotify  BGR
  2. Amazon Music Is Growing Three Times as Fast as Spotify  Rolling Stone
  3. Amazon Music Unlimited is growing faster than Apple Music or Spotify, report says  Ars Technica
  4. Amazon Music is growing faster than Spotify  Engadget
  5. Amazon’s music-streaming surge  Financial Times
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  1. Leaked photos surface with alleged Mate 30 Pro display - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com
  2. Huawei Mate 20X (5G) now available for purchase  Gizchina.com
  3. Huawei Mate 20 X (5G) finally goes on sale - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com
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  1. Preterm Birth Affects Personality And The Quest To Find Love As Adults  IFLScience
  2. Babies born premature are less likely to have sexual partners later in life, a study claims  The Sun
  3. People Born Prematurely May Have More Romantic Trouble as Adults, Study Finds  Gizmodo
  4. Preterm babies are less likely to form romantic relationships in adulthood  Medical Xpress
  5. Adults born prematurely 'twice as likely to never have sex', study shows  Sky News
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  1. A crew of pilots and former astronauts just broke this world record  We Are The Mighty
  2. Retired NASA Astronaut Terry Virts, Aviators Set World Circumnavigation Speed Record to Honor Apollo 11  Space.com
  3. One More Orbit crew flies around world in 46 hours, break world record  Business Insider
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  1. Ed Sheeran will duet with Amazon's Alexa if you ask, and it's creepy  CNET
  2. Amazon Echo Show 5 review  What Hi-Fi?
  3. Amazon Working on Premium Echo Speaker, Rolling Alexa Robot (Report)  Tom's Guide
  4. Amazon Is Building a Voice-Controlled Robot That's Like a 'Mobile Alexa'  TIME
  5. Amazon pours resources into smart home robot and upgraded Echo, report says  CNET
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  1. AMD's Chiplet Design Is The New Ryzen Star  PC Perspective
  2. AMD Ryzen 3000 systems need a BIOS fix for Linux, 'Destiny 2' issues  Engadget
  3. BIOS updates are coming to fix Destiny 2 and Linux boot issues on Ryzen  PC Gamer
  4. AMD: Patch On The Way For Ryzen 3000 Customers Affected By 'Destiny 2' And Linux Boot Problems  Forbes
  5. AMD Releases BIOS Fix To Motherboard Partners For Booting Newer Linux Distributions  Phoronix
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  1. Florida Burger King boots two women for demanding employee 'speak American English'  Creative Loafing Tampa
  2. Burger King Manager Defends Staff From Customers' Racist Comments | NowThis  NowThis News
  3. Two ‘racist’ women in Burger King tell Puerto Rican manager to ‘go back to Mexico’  The indy100
  4. Customer tells Burger King manager to "go back to Mexico" for speaking Spanish to worker  CBS News
  5. VIDEO: Burger King manager told 'go back to Mexico' by customer in Florida  KGO-TV
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  1. Government set to offer guidance on daily recommended hours of sleep, say reports  The Independent
  2. Public will be advised how much sleep to get  The Times
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  1. Keto and Digestion: Everything You Need to Know  Healthline
  2. This breath sensor is built for keto dieters, and it has the science to back it up  BGR
  3. Keto diet food list: What a cancer researcher on the plan eats  Business Insider
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  1. 'Moon-forming' Circumplanetary Disk Discovered in Distant Star System  nrao.edu
  2. Astronomers Think They’ve Spotted a Moon Forming Around an Exoplanet  Gizmodo
  3. Alien moon likely seen forming in first-of-its-kind picture  National Geographic
  4. Astronomers make the first observations of a 'moon-forming' disk around a distant planet  CNN
  5. ALMA reveals a dusty ring around a young exoplanet that may be forming moons  SYFY WIRE
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  1. NASA awards $73.7 million to Made In Space for orbital demonstration  SpaceNews
  2. Archinaut snags $73 million in NASA funding to 3D-print giant spacecraft parts in orbit  TechCrunch
  3. Archinaut One to Manufacture and Assemble Spacecraft Parts While Orbiting Earth  NASA Video
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  1. It's a girl! Zoo Knoxville announces gender of new giraffe  Knoxville News Sentinel
  2. Zoo Knoxville's baby giraffe is a girl!  WBIR
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  1. Assassin's Creed Is Banning Some Player-Made Quests - IGN Daily Fix  IGN
  2. More Gods & Monsters Details Emerge as Assassin's Creed Odyssey Dev Talks About Its Next Open World Title  Push Square
  3. Ubisoft bans user-created XP-farming quests in Assassin's Creed Odyssey  TechSpot
  4. Assassin's Creed Odyssey To Ban XP Farming In Creator Mode Missions  GameSpot
  5. Ubisoft puts kibosh on Assassin's Creed XP-farming exploit  Gamasutra
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  1. Calorie cuts benefit already healthy hearts  Futurity: Research News
  2. Cutting Calories Could Benefit Heart Health  CBS Miami
  3. Even in svelte adults, cutting about 300 calories daily protects the heart  Medical Xpress
  4. Calorie Restriction: How Cutting 300 Calories Can Improve Heart Health  Inverse
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  1. Back-to-back heatwaves kill 70% of Chagos islands' coral  Sky News
  2. Revealed: unusually hot seas have killed 70% of these islands' coral  The London Economic
  3. Double heatwave killed two-thirds of coral in central Indian Ocean  New Scientist News
  4. Climate change causing coral reefs to shift away from equatorial to temperate regions  Firstpost
  5. Climate Change Pushes Corals To Unique Places: Tropical Areas Lose 85%  Medical Daily
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  1. Family Hijacks R. Kelly Press Conference  Inside Edition
  2. Press Conference Held by R. Kelly's Publicist Interrupted by Alleged Victim's Father  The Source
  3. R. Kelly Publicist's Press Conference Interrupted by Joycelyn Savage's Father  Complex
  4. R. Kelly presser interrupted by man demanding to know where his daughter is  CityNews Toronto
  5. R. Kelly's Spokesman Interrupted During Press Conference by Joycelyn Savage's Father: "Where Is my Daughter?"  XXLMAG.COM
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  1. Apple Releases a Free Texas Hold'em Game for iOS  MakeUseOf
  2. Apple restores banned parental control app OurPact to the App Store  The Verge
  3. Apple Returns Parental Control App OurPact to App Store After Removing It Over Privacy Concerns  NDTV
  4. Apple reinstates OurPact parental control app removed over privacy concerns  Reuters
  5. Apple returns parental control app OurPact to App Store after February purge  AppleInsider
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  1. Hands-on: HyperCube backup solution for iPhone  9to5Mac
  2. Fortnite players warned away from iOS 13 beta by Epic  CNET
  3. How to Jailbreak iOS 12.2 – iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad Using Unc0ver Jailbreak  iphonehacks.com
  4. Epic Issues Warning To Fortnite iOS Players  GameSpot
  5. The $200 iPod Touch now has some legit competition  CNET
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Boeing MAX return to Pacific delayed further  RNZ

The national airlines of Fiji and Samoa face further delays in getting their work-horse aircraft back into service. An artist impression of the Samoa Airways Boeing ...

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  1. Sudan's military 'fabricated' coup claims to thwart deal, says military sources  Middle East Eye
  2. Sudan's military rulers say coup attempt thwarted  EWN
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  1. Rabies Warning Issued for Walt Disney World Area  WebMD
  2. Disney World Under Rabies Alert After Infected Cat Attacks Park Staff  MovieWeb
  3. Yes, Disney World Is Currently Under A Rabies Alert  Cinema Blend
  4. Part of Disney World’s Epcot Under Rabies Alert After Feral Cat Scratches 2 Employees  PEOPLE.com
  5. Rabies Alert for Epcot Area Issued by Florida Department of Health  allears.net
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  1. Droid Life Show: Episode 208 - Pixel 4head Renders  Droid Life
  2. No, the Pixel 4’s bezels are not a major crime against smartphone design  Digital Trends
  3. Artist creates Google Pixel 4 renders based on the leaks so far - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com
  4. This video is our best look yet at Apple’s leaked iPhone 11R design  BGR
  5. Render shows how the Google Pixel 4 XL could look like in real life  PocketNow
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  1. Buy this MacBook Pro Right Now!  AppleInsider
  2. Comment: Apple’s $999 MacBook Air and Beats education deal is the most compelling in years  9to5Mac
  3. The Cheapest 13” MacBook Pro is Actually fast  Jonathan Morrison
  4. Early Prime Day deals: Save big on Apple products  AppleInsider
  5. This week in Apple: iPad 7 production, AirPods 3 this year, and Jobs/Cook drama  Android Authority
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  1. IAAF Diamond League: Akani Simbine finishes fourth in Monaco  The South African
  2. FLASH - Hassan breaks women's mile world record with 4:12.33 run in Monaco  International Association of Athletics Federations
  3. Diamond League: Laura Muir third in 800m, Gatlin beats Lyles  BBC Sport
  4. Sifan Hassan runs 4:12.33 mile to break 23-year-old world record  New York Daily News
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  1. HIV vaccine to begin international tests, including in US  CNET
  2. Johnson & Johnson to test HIV vaccine in US and Europe  CNBC
  3. HIV vaccine to be tested in Europe and US in AIDS breakthrough - Daily Star  Daily Star
  4. J&J’s Quest for Elusive HIV Vaccine Is Poised for Major Test  Bloomberg
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  1. Ketamine for Depression: Clinical Evidence  Psychiatry Advisor
  2. Ketamine-like drug for depression could get UK licence within the year  The Guardian
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  1. HiRISE Spots Curiosity Rover at Mars' 'Woodland Bay'  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  2. Pit Crew for Mars: NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Gets Some Wheels (time lapse)  NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  3. NASA Curiosity news: Mars rover ‘selfie’ shows extent of Red Planet rock damage  Express.co.uk
  4. NASA administrator on recent personnel shakeup: ‘There’s no turmoil at all’  The Verge
  5. Alien life on Mars PROOF? ‘Ancient alien technology found’ in NASA Mars Curiosity photo  Express.co.uk
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  1. Africa Express: Egoli review — Damon Albarn's noble effort lacks tunes  The Times
  2. Damon Albarn says it's important to make 'connections' in a time of division  The Sun
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  1. Sony Debuts World's Fastest USB Hub with Card Reader and HDMI Support  PetaPixel
  2. Sony announces USB-C hub with UHS-II SD and microSD card reader, 100W power delivery, more  9to5Mac
  3. Sony launches world's fastest smart Multifunction USB Hub & TOUGH SF-M series SD cards  Newsshooter
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  1. China's Huawei unveils 1st 5G smartphone in Kuwait - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
  2. Huawei Mate 20 X (5G) finally goes on sale - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com
  3. Huawei Mate 20 X 5G coming to more markets this month  PocketNow
  4. Huawei’s first 5G phone is launching this month  The Verge
  5. EMUI 10 is coming on August 9 - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com
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  1. Apple TV Plus’ See reportedly costs almost $15 million per episode  The Verge
  2. Apple is spending $15 million an episode on its Jason Momoa sci-fi drama 'See'  Fast Company
  3. Upcoming Apple TV+ Sci-Fi Drama 'See' Reported to Cost $15 Million Per Episode  Mac Rumors
  4. Jason Momoa's New Show Costs As Much As 'Game Of Thrones'  UPROXX
  5. Apple's See TV show cost the same as Game of Thrones  Cult of Mac
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